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Lawyer Approved Private Practice Paperwork for Health Professionals

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Supervision Paperwork ​ for Registered Interns & Supervisors

The Legislation comes from Word format making it effortless to upgrade. It is totally customizable to your supervision training information, criteria, and tastes.
Every class is organized based on the character of your professional license and that you’re supervising.
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Supervising Psychologists or Mental Health Professionals, but do not wish to squander time and energy generating paperwork from scratch?

Supervision Paperwork Includes

This bundle is especially tailored for Licensed physicians supervising different physicians and/or Registered Health Counseling Interns
(that they have fulfilled the requirements to manage them).

Category 1

Licensed Doctors Supervising Doctors

Category 2

Licensed Doctors Supervising Registered Health Counseling Interns

Health Professionals Package

This package is specifically created for LMFTs, LMHCs, and LCSWs supervising Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Interns, Registered Health Counseling Interns, and/or Registered Clinical Social Worker Interns toward licensure.

As a reminder, our paperwork cannot be distributed or shared with anyone else.

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