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A La Carte

Select Your Favorite A La Carte Forms

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Forms are customizable and easy to use. They meet the legal and ethical standards of our profession. Once you purchase, the form/s will be automatically downloaded onto your computer so you update them, save, and start using today!



Cognitive Restructuring

Personal Growth


School Age Issues

Get each of our forms quickly in the format you need such as .pdf .docx etc.

Save Time, Money, & Protect Your Practice...

What's having Lawyers Approved Paperwork significant?

Knowing you need legal, ethical, and competent paperwork is overwhelming, time consuming, and expensive!

Let’s face it we’re clinicians, not lawyers.

We’ve been there, we get it, and…

We did all the necessary research, worked 100+ hours and did all the digging so you don’t have to. Everything what you need, in just one place!

Our a-la-carte paperwork allows you to cherry-pick the best forms for your practice needs.

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